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  • off the mat

    Off the Mat: March 2016

    Even fitness addicts can’t spend all their time in the gym, so here’s my life off the mat… Spring is in the air! Flowers are blooming right outside my door and the trees are starting to come back to life. I notice the earth changing little by little every day as I drive to the […] Read more…

  • i work out so i can eat cake

    How to Get the Best Results From Your Workout

    We all want the best results from our workouts. We want to see change when we look in the mirror. We want to feel it as we trek up a hill. We want to know it as we walk down the street. We want to know that our efforts are paying off. We want to […] Read more…


  • meditating with oracle cards

    Meditating with Oracle Cards

    Meditating with oracle cards can be your saving grace, if you hate to meditate. For years, when I thought of meditation, I would picture this bald man in robes on a mountain top or perhaps nestled by this beautiful glade or waterfall. He would sit there for hours with his eyes closed, never slouching for […] Read more…

  • pendulum magic

    A Guide to Pendulum Magic

    The whole world and everything in it is made up of energy. The trick is opening yourself up to so you can not only feel it, but also so you can see it. Here is your Beginner’s Guide to Pendulum Magic – Clearing Chakras, Cleansing Space, and Seeing into Your Future by tuning into the […] Read more…


  • grounding techniques for empaths

    My Top Grounding Techniques for Empaths

    Grounding techniques for empaths can literally be the difference between surviving and thriving in this modern and sometimes overwhelming world for highly sensitive people. Are you an empath? Are you a highly sensitive person who often feels the emotions or experiences of others and can easily pick up on vibrations of other people, objects, areas, […] Read more…

  • bee totem

    Making Peace with the Bee Totem

    I don’t know if I can say I’ve made friends with the bee totem, but I think we’re starting to make peace. It’s a start. To give you some context, I am deathly afraid of bees. Bees of any kind, but particularly yellow jackets. I can already hear a friend of mine telling me, “They’re […] Read more…


  • the magic of flowers

    The Magic of Flowers

    Sometimes we walk right past the thing we so desperately need. Sometimes we miss the thing we’ve been craving. Sometimes we don’t see the very thing that we’ve been wishing for. That’s why people say you need to slow down and smell the roses. The love they radiate is the very thing that can stop […] Read more…


  • earth day

    Earth Day Isn’t Just About Recycling

    When I think of Earth Day, I think of that one day out of the year where our last few classes after lunch in high school were cancelled so we could get in groups and walk along the side of the road picking up trash. I remember everyone being excited to be out of class, […] Read more…

  • how to shine

    How to Shine Your Light When You’re Scared

    Some people really know how to shine. You know who I mean, right? Those people with stars in their eyes, a bounce in their step, and their pearly whites flashing constantly. It’s not about the right clothes or that bright red lipstick. It’s not about your shoes or getting a promotion. It’s not even about […] Read more…


  • morning tea magic

    A Sacred Morning Tea Ritual

    My mornings don’t always go smoothly. I always have the best of intentions to meditate and do some yoga before I even get out of bed. I want to make a cup of tea and then take my dog on a little walk so we can both get up, get moving, and get motivated for […] Read more…

  • beltane may pole

    13 Ways to Celebrate Beltane

    Beltane is translated as the Bright Fire Festival and it always falls on the first day of May. Anything with fire and passion will bring you many blessings today…just be careful if you’re a fire sign. My mom is a double Sagittarius (meaning her sun sign AND rising sign is Sagittarius!) and she almost caught our […] Read more…


  • ashtanga injuries

    Why There Are So Many Injuries in Ashtanga Yoga

    The sun is just starting to come up behind the mountain, turning the sky into a masterpiece of beautiful gold, pink, and blue swirls. I smile, go to stretch, and wind up in a puddle of pain, trying desperately to erase that first moment of my day before it ruins the rest of it. But […] Read more…

  • rotator cuff yoga

    How Yoga Healed my Long-Term Rotator Cuff Injury

    I’ve suffered from nerve damage in my rotator cuff for years. Actually, both of my rotator cuffs have gotten beaten pretty badly. Way back in the day when I was a figure skater, I fell out of a jump and landed with my left arm straight across my chest. For the next hour, my arm […] Read more…